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Scottish Unusual Names 2014

Jack and Emily were the most popular first names for babies (of which there were 56725) whose births were registered in Scotland in 2014. National Records of Scotland (NRS) figures showed Jack was top for a seventh consecutive year, while Emily rose from third to replace Sophie. However, surprisingly (even to those living in Scotland) three baby boys born in Scotland last year were called M, R and T.

The independence referendum may have had an influence on some parents, as two children were named Freedom and another three named Indy, although for some-there is no accounting for taste (or lack of!).

Some other names featured included Bluebell-Fawn, Nicholas-Darius, Leonidas and Dodge, Arrlo, Draven, Daiquiri, Emmett, Spartacus and Thor. Perhaps being influenced by the “sword and sorcery” films and television programmes which are undertaking a bit of a renaissance on UK television at the moment

In total 3,359 different forenames for boys were used, while 4,427 different girls names were registered for Scottish baby names.

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